Fish, hike, relax...

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Fish in peace

We have boats available for rent, fishing licenses for sale on the farm, and if you contact us in advance we can even arrange fishing guides. Many miles of river and loads of both small and large lakes are included under one fishing license. We are also helpful in arranging freezing of fish and game.

Atna water system

At the doorstep of the Rondane mountain range you will find good fishing for a number of species such as arctic char, trout and grayling. The Atna water system offers fishing in 50 lakes and 150 kilometer of rivers and creeks, all in grand nature scenes.

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photo of lake in Rondane national park

Hike in Rondane National Park

Discover hundreds of trails, paths, lakes and mountain tops with your family in Rondane National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in Norway.

Or just relax...

Have a cup of coffee, experience nature, reconnect, read a book… Enjoy your stay in a cosy traditional norwegian cabin along with your family to craft lifelong memories. The kind of things that money can’t buy.

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